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Who SDI is

SDI provides experienced Siebel consulting with proven results.

Slater Development Inc has contributed to multiple Siebel application development and upgrade projects for companies spanning consumer goods, financial services, and software/sales management.


SDI has experience with Siebel products starting way back with Siebel 2000 all the way up to the latest Innovation Pack 18. Our knowledge has been leveraged to sharpen and enhance teams around the country to streamline delivery.


Siebel application architecture has evolved exponentially over the recent years and SDI has evolved with it. Our designs incorporate the latest in web development and integration capabilities to improve business process flows.


Build construction needs to leverage the capabilities of multiple mainstream browsers and web technologies built upon various OS/database platforms including OS/390 DB2, MS SQL, and Oracle. Enhanced user experience through SSO/ADSI authentication and EAI integrations to minimize the need for numerous call center applications.


Preparation is key to a effective and issue free deployment. SDI can drive out the details necessary to make this possible. Agile methodology is embraced to help ensure both time and tasks are planned for a successful deployment.

What SDI Does

SDI has everything you need to launch and grow a successful Siebel environment.

Many application deployments suffer the consequences of inadequate planning, development, and validation. SDI can provide expertise to rememdy this by leveraging proven experience and Agile methodology strategies. Let our experience be the propelling force on your team.

Agile Methodology

SDI has experience using the Agile methodology to promote and protect work effort timelines and deliverable quality. This allows SDI to properly oversee and guide teams from start to finish leveraging story boards, sprints, retrospectives, and other Agile concepts.

UI/UX Design

User interface design is critical to the fluidity and usability of the Siebel application. Design assitance is built upon a solid foundation of the multiple Siebel presentation layers, integration extentions, and other practices. SDI aims to make your end product both pleasing and performing.

Mobile Development

Mobile access is quickly becoming just as much or more important that computer based access. Our experience can bring the freedom of anywhere access to your Siebel application. Application users ranging from consumers all the way to upper management require and expect access from any platform.

Featured Customers

These are some of our recent clients SDI has helped build amazing Siebel applications.

What SDI has done for recent clients.

Partnered with onsite teams to build Siebel applications from the ground up spanning multiple business areas. Provided extensive technical knowledge to bridge Siebel from the initial version 7 platform to the latest Innovation Pack leveraging out of the box upgrade processes.

Insurance Company... Siebel Financial Services

Joined existing project effort to condense several Siebel applications into one comprehensive application including data mitigation archiving. Constructed several robotics processes to automate sales campaigns and fulfilment activities to help drive customer aquisition expansion.

Maytag Corporation Siebel Consumer Goods

Planning and coordination for an extensive upgrade project migrating multiple business areas form dedicated client to web client architecture. Provided expertise for staffing team from outside vendors to maintain cost management guidelines while reducing project delivery timelines.

Country Financial Siebel Financial Services

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